Cannabis concentrates like marijuana hash, CBD wax, and vaporizer pen cartridges offer a cleaner and easier way to medicate. These concentrated products provide the same pain relief, mental focus, and other health benefits of marijuana flowers Read More

and edible cannabis – but they offer it in a simpler and more convenient form. Green Door West provides cannabis concentrate delivery throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, so that you can get your medicine, and start feeling better, easier and quicker than ever.Easy and Safe

Green Door West sells only the leading and most recognized brands of marijuana hash and CBD waxes. We offer cannabis concentrate and delivery of the top producers of vape pens, disposable pens, and other concentrate products to help you reduce pain and ease your symptoms. When you order cannabis concentrates from Green Door West, you can count on receiving high-quality, and high-purity cannabis extracts, delivered directly to your home or wherever you need them.

Vape Pen Cartridges

Choose from several varieties of vape pen cartridges for delivery to your residence or desired location. Green Door West offers vape pen cartridges from Tetralabs, a superior supplier of CBD concentrates, including Pineapple, Spearmint, Crème Brulee, and Classic vape pen cartridges. Vape pen cartridges provide instant relief without inhaling or burning plant material.

Bubble Hash and Rosin

We’re proud to carry Nativ Bubble Hash, an ice water-extracted hash from Nativ’s private reserve cannabis. The process of producing Nativ Bubble Hash includes ionizing ice and water to ensure a clean extraction process. The Nativ Rosin we sell reflects the genuine profile of the cannabis plant. It’s made by adhering to a propriety process that involves drying bubble hash with a hyper-cooling system to prevent oxidation. Whether you live in the Los Angeles Area, the South Bay, or Orange County, you can get cannabis concentrate delivery from Green Door West – a premier grower and supplier of fine medical marijuana products.

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